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About C & C Golf Carts
C & C Golf Carts was started after I bought my first golf cart for my personal use. After adding accessories and customizing it, I decided to sell it and purchase another cart to customize. After several times of buying, customizing, and selling them, I grew to love this and make this hobby become a business. 

C & C Golf Carts is family-owned and operated in Morristown, Tennessee. We offer sales, repair service and rentals. Be sure to check our custom carts. All work is done in-house by Charlie, Jr. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. It is our goal to treat each and every customer with integrity. 
Committed to complete customer satisfaction!
“When this business was founded, it sought to win public confidence through service, For it was my conviction then, as it is now, that nothing else than giving the right service to the public results in a mutual understanding and satisfaction for our customer, It was for this reason that our business was founded and upon the eternal principle of the Golden Rule.”And that is, Here at C&C GOLF CARTS has pledged to give each customer friendly, reliable service, “My idea was to make friends and build business through serving the community with fair dealing and honest value."

I, along with my wife Shonda, my two children Sarah and Chuck and our dog Lucy, live in Morristown. I am the  mechanic, and I do all the customizing work on the golf carts here at C & C Golf Carts. In his spare time I enjoy collecting old jars, signs and etc. 

Founder of C & C Golf Carts,  I have been an employee of Old Dominion Freight Lines for over 20 years, I have been an OTR driver for the last 37 years. During this time, I have traveled almost every state and made many friends and  
acquaintances. I have also had the  privilege of experiencing the many beauties that God created. I am the father of Charlie, Jr. and grandfather of Sarah and Chuck.  I  built this business from the ground up with honesty and integrity and continue to strive daily to do so.  I invite you to stop in and check out our selection.  
I came to work at C & C Golf Carts in the spring of 2011. I have found this job to be both more rewarding and challanging than I ever imagined. In my short time as an employee, I have been welcomed and treated just like part of the family. I am a life-long resident of Morristown and I have been married to Rev. Darrell Alder for the past 36years. We have three children, Matthew, Tyler and April. I am also the proud grandmother of Allyssa and Spencer Alder,  Cory, Noah, Taylor and Natalie McGinnis, and my most recent addition of triplets, Kasen, Brenley and Cade Alder.
I am Lucy. I spend my days here at C & C Golf Carts pretending to be a guard dog. I enjoy playing fetch with anyone that will take time out of their busy day to play. I lay around most days just waiting for someone to give me a treat or when I am not doing this I am running in and out the door aggravating others. I have had this wonderful life ever since I was a pup.  I have come to realize that I am very spoiled and have a wonderful life.  
I'm Mollie, I am the newest addition to 
C & C Golf Carts. I am  cute, cuddly and a ball of energy. I spend most of my days at home with my master "Old Man" aka Charlie Duty Sr. He bought me so he would have company. At the age of 62 and after a few failed relationships,  he finally got smart and figured out that I'm more loyal that any human. Even though we have our bad days, (because he can be pretty honorary), the good days are really great. Shhh!!! don't tell him but I have him wrapped around my little paw. He always buys me special chew toys and treats.